“Brilliant!” ~ the story behind the name.

9 02 2010

I love everything about boats. My parents met in a boatyard, and I grew up in and around boats. My earliest memories include boats and boats and boats, and I can’t think of many occupations as rewarding (and challenging) as helping people enjoy their boating adventures.

Well, after working for four yacht brokerage companies over the span of about 15 years, I was ready to strike out on my own and start my own company.

Shattuck Boat Sales? Jon’s Boathouse? YachtsRUs? No…

I’m dating myself here, but do you remember when boats were made of wood? Wooden boats are labors of love, requiring repairs and paint and varnish every year. If you worked really hard during the off-season (and sometimes into the beginning of the boating season, too), you could refer to your freshly varnished boat as being ‘bright’. Take ‘bright’ a step further – ‘brilliant!’

Also, when English people find a situation to be beyond expectation, they exclaim it to be ‘Brilliant!’ In an awesome accent, by the way.

Finally, do you remember the Guinness commercials in which two old guys say, “Beer in a bottle — brilliant!”? Again, great accent.

A brilliant yacht is a top quality vessel of seaworthy design, all systems up-to-date and in excellent working order, ship-shape condition inside and out, shiny, clean, smelling like a boat, ready to leave the dock at a moment’s notice – nothing to apologize for. So, a ‘Brilliant’ yacht is a boat which captures your eye, makes you stop while walking down the dock, and either makes you wish the boat was yours or makes you very proud that it already is.

To me, and hopefully to all of my clients, the experience of buying, owning, and eventually selling a ‘brilliant’ boat is full of happy clients, no unpleasant surprises, and wonderful boating adventures.

Brilliant Yachting!

Jon Shattuck
Yacht Broker/President
Brilliant Yachts