Boat Transportation Tips

10 02 2012

General boat transportation suggestions:

While boat transportation companies carry commercial liability insurance, I recommend obtaining separate coverage (transportation insurance rider) from your insurance company.

If possible, empty fuel, water and holding tanks.

Prep vessel for a bumpy ride – loose gear stowed below will break or damage your cabinetry.

Sailboat rigs – secure and wrap standing and running rigging – commercial plastic wrap works great.

Shipping height – lower is safer and less expensive – remove lifelines and stanchions, wheels, pedestals, dorades, antennas, biminis, dodgers, etc.

Flybridge removal – label all wires and cables.

Vessels wider than 8’6” require permits.
Vessels wider than 12’ -13’ require escorts.
Vessels higher than 13’6” require escorts.
(Shipping requirements vary from state to state.)

For the best shipping rate – you’ll need to make lots of calls.

The goal is to find a qualified shipper who needs your load to avoid running ‘empty’.

Call all shippers, boatyards on both ends of the trip, even list your vessel on

Shipping brokers can help you obtain a lower shipping rate, but be very cautious about any who request or require a deposit.

Shippers will want to know the make and model of your vessel, weight, width, height, shipping to and from locations. If shipping on your own trailer – brake type and ball size.

If you can be flexible on shipping dates, you can save 15 – 25%. Working with a reputable shipping company is more important than getting the lowest price, of course. The purpose of shopping around is to avoid being overcharged, not necessarily to take the cheapest option.

Ballpark shipping costs: Fuel costs have a very direct relationship to the cost of vessel shipping. In general, medium sized boats, 30’ – 40’, which do not require escorts – average the price of a gallon of fuel per mile. Example: Diesel = $3.75 x 1000 miles = swag shipping cost of $3,750.

Vessels on their own trailers run less.
Vessels which require escorts cost more.
The larger the vessel, the more complicated and expensive the project.

Respect the rule of the 7 P’s with all shipping efforts – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Projects.

Need help? Assisting and advising with all aspects of vessel prep, load and shipping is part of customer services you enjoy when you use Brilliant Yachts with your boat buying efforts.

Happy boating!

Jon Shattuck
Brilliant Yachts
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Rudders and Moorings Brokerage Network

27 01 2012

Brilliant Yachts is proud to be a member of the Rudders & Moorings Brokerage Network.

This business and marketing relationship enables Brilliant Yachts to display its clients’ boats for sale in over 50 high profile websites, including:

If you would like to list your boat for sale in over 50 boating websites and enjoy brilliant customer service with one phone call or email, please contact Jon Shattuck @ Brilliant Yachts today!

Jon Shattuck
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123’s of a Long Distance Boat Purchase

27 02 2010

Almost every time Brilliant Yachts helps a client buy or sell a boat, negotiations are communicated via phone, email and/or fax, and the closing is transacted in a ‘long distance’ manner. (Versus ‘sit down’ or ‘face to face’)

While every boat transaction is unique, here are the basic steps of a long distance boat purchase.

1. Buyer makes a written offer on a boat they wish to purchase – specifying price and terms

a. Purchase Price
b. 10% refundable deposit – held in escrow
c. Terms: Personal Inspection, Survey, Confirmation of Inventory, Financing,
Closing Deadline, Delivery location, Offer Expiration Date, etc.

2. Due diligence performed

a. Seller is responsible to deliver vessel to boatyard, if necessary
b. Buyer is responsible for survey, haulout and/or mechanic’s inspection costs
c. If survey is an all day affair, Broker provides beverages and gourmet lunch

3. After due diligence results are reviewed, Buyer has three options:

a. Acceptance of Vessel
(agree to close per price and terms of Purchase Agreement)
b. Conditional Acceptance of Vessel
(agree to close, but with changes to price and/or terms)

    i. If changes are acceptable to Seller; transaction proceeds to closing.
    ii. If changes are not acceptable to Seller; transaction is terminated and
    earnest deposit returned to Buyer.

c. Rejection of Vessel
(transaction is terminated, earnest deposit returned to Buyer)

Brilliant Yachts incorporates the services of a third party marine titling company to ensure transfer of funds and ownership paperwork are handled promptly and professionally.

4. Closing

a. Seller is responsible for storage or dockage until date of closing
b. Buyer is responsible for closing costs and insurance
c. Titling company coordinates all aspects of closing – funds and paperwork

    i. Prepares transfer of ownership paperwork – prepared in advance of closing,
    signed by Seller and returned to Titling company
    ii. Collect all funds from Buyer and/or Buyer’s lender
    iii. Prepares closing statements for Buyer, Seller, Broker, Lender(s) –
    for review and signature prior to closing
    iv. When the Closing company has signed closing statements and properly signed ownership transfer paperwork in their possession and funds on account – closed and sold!
    v. Closing company notifies all parties, forwards funds via wire transfer
    and processes transfer of ownership paperwork.

5. Enjoy!

Broker assists Buyer with all aspects of taking delivery of vessel –
dockage, storage, shipping, service, etc.

With cooperative parties, good communications and professional services and support, every boat sale is a ‘brilliant’ event!

When you and your crew are buying or selling, let Brilliant Yachts assist with your boating adventures!

Jon Shattuck
Yacht Broker/President
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Charleston Fun Afloat!

19 02 2010

Located near the middle of the Eastern Seaboard with the Atlantic Ocean, the Intercoastal Waterway, three rivers, a refreshing seabreeze, friendly people, a rich maritime heritage, and an almost year-round boating season, Charleston, South Carolina, is a brilliant boating area and home port for ocean travelers.

Here are a few ways to get out on (or near) the water in Charleston!

Charleston Explorer
Excursions & Private Charters

Palmetto Breeze
Awesome Sailing Catamaran

Schooner Pride
Charleston’s Tall (sailing) Ship ~ Harbor Tours & More
Aquarium Wharf, 360 Concord St.
Charleston, SC 29401
843-723-6122 fax

Horizon Seeker
38′ Motoryacht – available for private captained charters, corporate outings, and dockside overnight stays
Charleston Harbor Marina – A Dock
Jennifer Heisler

Charleston Water Taxi
Water Taxi service to and from Charleston Harbor Marina and the SC Aquarium, Harbor & Dolphin Tours
843-330-CWTX (2989) Boat phone

Ocean Sailing Academy
Sailing Lessons & Charters

Aqua Safaris, Inc.
Charleston & Worldwide Charter Agents – Sail, Excursion, Fishing

Charleston Harbor Tours
Downtown ~ Harbor Tours & Blues Cruises

Spiritline Cruises
Yorktown ~ Harbor & Dinner Cruises
843-881-2960 fax

Thriller Charleston
Go fast harbor tours

Sandlapper Tours
Harbor, Nature and History tours

Charleston Maritime Center

Patriot’s Point
USS Yorktown & Naval Maritime Museum

South Carolina Aquarium

Please email additions and corrections to

Vessel Values

10 02 2010

In the process of helping boat buyers and sellers for over 2 decades, I have not utilized a NADA or BUC book in the last 10 years.

While the valuation books and databases for cars are relatively accurate, boat valuation sites and books are basically worthless. Cars are mass produced in large numbers, and boats are semi-custom or custom-made in relatively minimal numbers. Cars are produced with relatively few customizations. Boats, on the other hand, vary widely as to condition, equipment, usage and location, which explains why a certain boat may often sell for twice as much (or half, depending on how you look at it) as a sistership.

When working on behalf of my boat clients, I research similar boats for sale as well as recent sales (available behind Oz’s magic curtain) in order to help establish a vessel’s fair market value. After reviewing the vessel’s competition and recent sales, taking the time to compare the variables, we are able to estimate a vessel’s fair market value within a few percentage points.

While the market slowdown over the past few years has lowered selling prices, boats in demand (higher quality, newer, well-equipped, above-average condition) sell more quickly and for higher dollars than similar vessels with deficiencies. Boats of average or questionable pedigree, sunbleached, slovenly, poorly maintained with damages, or inoperable systems sell at significantly lower prices, if at all.

At the end of the day, every boat is worth what the buyer and seller agree to – every time – to the penny.

When buying or selling, please let me know if you would benefit from a professional valuation for a particular vessel.

Jon Shattuck
Yacht Broker/President
Brilliant Yachts
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